Team Administration and Structure

Team 20, despite being around longer than any other FIRST team, still manages to have logistical hiccups. A mentor who was going to drive out to IRI and carry the robot in the back of his car is now unable to make it. As such, Team 20 had an emergency meeting on how to get the robot and team to IRI. Team 20 is bringing something like 11 students and 11 adults.

Team 5254 has had their travel plans set for a time now, despite having less resources and a less organized team structure. Team 5254 is bringing like 4 students and 4 adults.

Sometimes we robot-obsessed younger people forget how much work it is organizing these events, running the events, transporting students and robots to the events, chaperoning the events, figuring out who can go and who can take the time off from work. We forget that these trips cost money, and not just the money the parents and mentors pay, but the amount they lose by not going to work that day

So let’s be sure to thank them.

On another note, Team 5254 is approaching it’s third season in FRC, and some of the team’s founders are graduating after 2016. One of the goals for the post-IRI future is to establish some sort of leadership structure so that future generations of students are as organized (hopefully more) as the current class.

Team 20 has a very large team(about 100 students), and also a complex leadership structure. At the top is the team’s Board of Directors that deal with all the administrative duties, as well as determine certain items about the direction of the team. Below them are the team’s student co-captains, of which we have 2-4 each year. Below them are our subteam leaders, and below them the rest of the students.

5254 has about a sixth of what Team 20 has as far as students, budget, mentors, so they obviously don’t need a team structure as large as Team 20’s.
Something like Coach->Captain->Subteam Leaders would probably be good enough. Post-IRI, that’s going to be a focus, as well as finding a nearby practice facility for them, and securing more sponsorship such that Team 5254 can build a practice robot in 2016.

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