Team Branding

Branding is one of those often overlooked areas when a team is starting anew. The focus is on getting a team’s structure down and building your first robot. So it’s not surprising so many teams end up with bland names and poor branding (Robot+School Mascot). The Trumansburg Robot Raiders fell into this same trap during their first year, and as such, no one remembers the team by name. We’re either known by our number or a number of interesting nicknames.

Team 5254 is looking at going through a branding revamp, including the Team Name, Logo, shirts- everything (that also means the name of this blog is going to be outdated soon!).

Various ideas have been thrown out over the past few months, but nothing great. The “Trumansburg Robotics Initiative” (TRI), “Rapidfire Robotics”, and “Cascade Engineering” were all potential names thrown out.

The team finally found a name we (tentatively) like:
H.Y.P.E, or Helping Youth Pursue Excellence.
(It’s not Team HYPE, or HYPE Robotics, or Hype, it’s just HYPE)

Over the next week, the team is establishing branding guidelines, alternate color schemes, apparel, and trying to use this branding change to instill a culture of success in the team. We’re pursuing excellence, and we’re hyped to be doing it.11721157_10153508490173711_1099581110_n 11756577_10153508490143711_1918056273_n
The proposed alt color shirts:

EDIT: new logo and shirts

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