Scheduling Commitments and Losing Focus

Now that my first semester of my sophomore year is beginning, I’m beginning to understand the kinds of commitments that will impede me and the team this season. Students are beginning sports and other activities and increasingly losing time to other things, and I’m figuring out the course-load of a second year Mechanical Engineering student is going to be very difficult.

Robotics addicts the world over listen up: Your grades are more important than any blue banner.

As the weeks go on, I need to keep this in mind, and so do my students. Getting an “A” in my Thermodynamics class needs to take priority over winning off-seasons and doing pre-season trainings this fall, and in the spring, when I’m beginning my new set of classes for spring semester, that needs to take priority over robots.

Teams 20 and 5254 will be attending two off-seasons this fall:
The Rah Cha Cha Ruckus is being held on October 17th at the Main Street Armory in Rochester, NY.

The Tech Valley Robot Rumble is being held on November 7th at Ballston Spa High School in Ballston Spa, NY.

Both will be opportunities for the teams to try out new drivers and have fun getting matches in with the last Recycle Rush competitions of the year (thank goodness).

One thought on “Scheduling Commitments and Losing Focus

  1. Andy Nuetzel says:

    Grades are more important. Keep your focus on school. Help when you can, but you have a whole lifetime that you can help with robotics. If you get that great GPA and a great job, it will be easier to do SO MUCH MORE for the students you want to help! PS – I enjoy reading your CD posts.


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