Bag Day, Reveal Videos, and Builder’s Regret

The robots are in the bag, and thus ends (“ends”) another build season. I’m proud of what both 20 and 5254 have built, and I have high hopes for both team’s seasons.

5254 released a video of “5kystalker”, our prototype and practice robot located here earlier on in build season. Since then, the team has added on a mechanism for the Chival de Frise and the Portcullis, as well as built a competition robot (painted blue!). This is 5254’s first time building two robots, and the team is going to continue to work in the weeks leading up to the Tech Valley Regional.

20 has yet to reveal their robot, so I won’t spoil anything, but it’s a machine the students are proud of and one that has a lot of potential.

But now we’re seeing all sorts of reveal videos come out with amazing designs! Teams have developed ingenious, elegant systems that make me go “Why didn’t I think of that?”

These are my favorite reveals to watch, and I have great admiration for these teams. But sometimes it’s important to remember- We built something great too. We have a robot we can be proud of, and the engineering and innovation that went into making our machine is our engineering and innovation.

Don’t regret the robot you built. Your robot, no matter how simple or contrived or crazy or basic, is an incredible thing, and your experiences here will help you for the rest of your life.

Good luck to all teams competing this season (especially this weekend in Palmetto- sorry you have to be Stronghold’s one and only guinea pig).

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