Cheesecake, and the Struggles of not Attending Championships

20 is in the Carver division, and 5254 is in the Hopper division this year. I’m excited to see how each team does, and I think both teams have a realistic shot of a divisional banner this year.

5254 has been developing a climbing mechanism these past few weeks, knowing that to compete with the big dogs, we need those extra ten points at the end of the match. You can see an example here.

The real benefit of this climbing solution is that it weighs less than 6 lbs for the whole system. This allows it to be cheesecaked relatively easily. The question then becomes whether we pick more established climbers, or pick a better shooter with the intent of strapping a climbing solution onto them. I’d currently lean toward the latter, but cheesecake is never quite as easy as it should be, and we don’t have a ton of manpower to make it work.13078115_10154178075258711_962312213_o

The real struggle for me is going to be not attending the championship for the first time since 2011. Due to my prior commitments, I need to be at school, not missing any more classes this week, and as a result, my teams will be short-staffed this week. Although I have been helping however I can with prescouting and strategy, there’s only so much I can (and should) do.

To all teams attending the 2016 FIRST Championship- good luck! It’s a blast and I’m sad to be missing it this season.

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